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Philippe Coutinho to bring a Big Move to the team.
Philippe Coutinho, Brazilian midfielder of Liverpool, led a series of 6 players, the Premier League players who missed the opportunity to move to the heart of the market. The summer kicker was closed on Thursday, August 31st.
1. Philippe Coutinho
Liverpool fans have to wait for the bull market to shut down on Friday night, September 1 to ensure that Philippe Coutinho in football in Anfield. I insisted on not selling to Barcelona. Even if the transfer request to the team to reject the offer several times. The latest news to cry out the frustration behind the Brazilian national team score.
2. Alexis Sanchez
Chile national team shot clearly. I want to move out of Arsenal in summer. With the disappointment of the game after the defeat of Liverpool 0-4. It seems that Alexis will move to Manchester City, but the last Arsenal to find the agent behind. Monaco striker Monaco will not move. As a result, the deal has to go down. Alexis' contract with the "cannon" will run out in the summer. And look no further contract. But as a professional, I would like to give 100 percent to. Playing the same
3. Diego Costa
Costa is no future in Chelsea. Antonio Conte, Italian manager told the season's end. Not in the plan Find a new team. But the only problem that makes the team move is not happening is the Spanish national team shot. Move back to play for Atletico. Madrid only If the "bear" is not banned to register new players. Until next January. Conte has a choice other than Costa. In the list of 25 players for the Premier League this season. After the deadline, move the team to nothing. And I'll have to wait and see in January what the future will be.
4. Fergie Van Dyke
Southampton midfielder Patsy was reported to Liverpool before Chelsea will jump into the ring to snatch. But finally did not move. Southampton have also confirmed that they will not leave Van Dyke, despite the Dutch fortune. Because of the hope of healing completely, then consider the future trade. This is the next January.
5. Danny Rose
Rose seems to have to leave Tottenham Hotspur after the interview to criticize the negative team does not pull a new player into the army. And also attacked Daniel Levy, the president of the club's policy of fatigue, the player paid a maximum of £ 100.00 per week (about 4.5 million). However, none of the teams that make a serious proposal. Even before the news that Manchester United and Chelsea to pay attention.
6. Riyadh Maharez
Leicester City swept past in both Paris and London after leaving the Algeria national team. I do not have to go back to camp the same. Maharez was reported to Roma, Manchester United, Barcelona and Arsenal. But I do not have to do it. I have a long way to go. I want to move out of the nest King Power Stadium.

Oriole Romell cut Premier League game.
Oriole Romell, the blood-biting midfielder of the "Saint" Southampton. The most cutting-edge player in the English Premier League seven rounds this season with 16 times, with Jay Rodriguez, England's English star. "The Blues" West Bromwich Albion ranks second with less than one.
Top 10 players for the English Premier League season 2017/18 are as follows.
1. Oriole Romell (Southampton) 16 times
2. Jay Rodriguez (West Bromwich) 15 times
3. Jordanian Swansea (Swansea) 14 times
3. Yemen Baku Yoko (Chelsea) 14 times
3. Tom Cleverley (Watford) 14 times
3.Calassinin (Arsenal) 14 times
3. Jason Wang (Crystal Palace) 14 times
8. Cristiano Benitez (Crystal Palace) 13 times
9. Lee Roy (Swansea) 12 times
9. Shane Long (Southampton) 12 times

Wayne Rooney striker Everton. Started to take social benefits after the court was punished drunk case by choice. Catch the paint job in the park. The Englishman said that the fishy start toffee to discuss the social service. Since Monday, after being banned from driving for two years. And social benefits for 100 hours without compensation, it appears that the past. The Manchester United striker decided to paint a chair in Macclesfield Park, Cheshire, away from his home. He only went three miles.

And because of the 31-year-old football fan of the English Premier League to stop the game to open the way. The national team down the field, so he chose to spend time, such as the practice of Starr at the park. In the same park, Carlos Tevez spearheaded the Red Devils, planted a tree after a similar court ruling in 2013, and Rooney went to the park just before nine o'clock. And it came out at three o'clock. While another news The stream indicates that it was his second benefactor. The total time is 12 hours.

Wayne Rooney glad to be with Bob.
Wayne Rooney's nine strikers "Blue toffee" Everton Bless the birth of Sir Bobby Charlton, legendary Shin, Manchester United and England. It was highly praised and said it was an honor to meet legend. When he first moved to Old Trafford, he said that in the success that Sir Charles had made throughout his career, there was one cup he was ready for. The 31-year-old broke the record of Sir Charlton's all-time club record of 253 goals (53 goals) and has enjoyed many successes in the club's 13-year "Red Devils". said He is ready to return all this stats back to Sir Charles to redeem a single world cup champion of the legendary grandfather.

"I am honored to have met Sir Bobby Charlton at Old Trafford for the first time and many times over the course of 13 years with the club. He is a great player. And to be forever legendary. I am very proud of breaking records. He scored in both Manchester United and England.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows "I do not think we are going to play in the first 90 minutes of the England game, but personally target the 2018 World Cup final in Russia next year. I am satisfied with my playing style. I think the teammates helped me to adjust to a good team, it is all very fast, it is great, I do not exchange it with anything in the world. "" Of course, playing the World Cup dreaming. It is everyone's dream. But it is longer than it is between there may be many things happen. Most importantly, I have to play well with the club as long as I work hard and devote myself to it. Who will know what will happen?

2018 World Cup Qualifiers Europe Monday 9 October 2017 Wells Group 0 - Ireland 1
Stadium: Cardiff State Stadium

Chris Coleman, the Welsh national team coach, has set up a 4-5-1 system for Aaron Ramsey in front of the goal. Hull Robson - Karen Fugue Martin O'Neill National Coach Ireland The good news is that Robbie Brady and James, the striker hopes for Daryl Murphy hunting net began to come to Welsh, but immediately came out as Ireland raced to lead James McClean from the edge. The line comes to Jeff Hendrick. The lob shot over the crossbar Army "Red Dragon" Greeting pretty Joe Ledley crosses the ball to Tom Lawrence Lawrence crossed to the penalty shot straight at Darren Randolph Ralph was not missed.

37 The bad news came when Joe Allen was injured until the match was not adjusted to send Jonathan Williams to play instead of injury. 45 + 2 Green Giant. Daryl Murphy made a tackle to Robbie Brady, the shot fired not to pass Wayne Hennessy to finish the first half, Wales are always 0-0 with Ireland. Aaron Ramsey's side have a chance to make a comeback. Aaron Ramsey opens the ball to the corner of James Chase.

Another golden opportunity of the home side Aaron Ramsey open the corner to Bend, Ben Davis hovering tackles. Back out again as ever. With a chance to do not 57 minutes into the Irish Raiders 1-0 lead. Jeffrey Hendrick took the ball from the right edge and then thrown to James McClean single-handed volleyball to send the ball into the net. Robbie Brady opened the ball into the corner of the corner of the ball into the penalty. The rest of the hosts try to break free. Welsh defeats Ireland 0-1, resulting in Wales qualifying. And is Ireland Finished second place in the group.

List of two teams.
Welsh: Wayne Hennessy, Chris Gunner, James Chester, Ashley Williams, Ben Davis, Andy King, Joe Allen, Joe Lee Tom Lawrence, Aaron Ramsey, Hal Robson-Culpe

Ireland: Darren Randolph, Cyrus Christie, Shane Duffy, Kia Rory Clark, Stephen Ward, James McClean, David Mayer , Harry MacArthur, Jeff Hendrick, Robbie Brady, Daryl Murphy

Referee: Damires Coimine (Slovenia)

Klopp futsal match Salah Diem meets Lester.
Clapper boss of the Annapolis said that Mohamed Salah striker form the national team. Egypt had a minor injury problem from the English Premier League game, Anfield opening match, the only 2-goal lead overtake. "Blue Fox" Leicester 2-1 on Saturday, December 30 ago. "I do not really know anything now," said the former Chelsea FC, Basel, Chelsea, Fiorentina and Ascoli. We have to wait and see what he has problems. We'll see if he can continue playing the game. "

West Ham United are aiming to lend a hand to Mario midfielder Inter Milan to use, perhaps to tempt the players with the guarantee of the actual position. David Moyes, manager of West Ham United's Premier League club, is keen to sign a loan deal for midfielder Mario Cauldron of Inter Milan's giants in the Serie A campaign. Serie A Italy, according to a report from the news agency on Wednesday, January 17.

It is expected that Mario will prepare to collect the gibberish of Giuseppe Mezzo before the end of this month. There is no real team position. Previously there was news related to both Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain, but the latest "Hammer" with the hunt. It is understood that Mario may be moving to the London stadium, but West Ham may be tricked by a real position to guarantee that unlike Manchester United and PS. The 24-year-old Portugal national team has just started the league in just five games.

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